• Recycle
  • Reuse
  • Repurpose

Have a piece of old wood furniture you don’t want anymore? Not sure what to do with it? Don’t want to see it end up in the island’s land fill?

Give us a call and we will pick it up for Free!

Depending on the condition of the item we will try to recycle and repurpose the furniture for resale on our web site.

Hopefully it will find a new home other than the island’s landfill...

So, instead of throwing it away or breaking it down and burning your old wood furniture give us a call to pick it up. For Free!

Here is a list of wood furniture items we would be interested in. Sorry, not able to pick all kinds.

Dressers, night stands, desks, tables, head boards, coffee tables, TV stands and tables, book shelves, end tables, cabinets, entertainment centers, kitchen cabinets and islands, toy chest.

Not sure you have something we can recycle? Just give us a call or an e-mail and we will get back to you.

Thank you,

Guam Home Furniture